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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Insanity: "Sweating" Day 1 of 60

"I just finished P90X."

"I'm in the best shape of my life."

"I did the Insanity Fitness Test and rocked it!"

Words.  Just words.  Gone like the wind.  As I lay there face down on my basement floor with my face transferring gallons of salty fluid into the towel, those words were history.  I forgot that I said them.  I forgot what they even meant.

No matter how many routines I start out with as "new" I always think that I am going to do awesome.  Confidence is something I never lack, even to a dangerous point.  Right around that corner though, reality always is hiding with a mallet...waiting to slam me in the lower back with it.

Okay.  Enough drama.  The Insanity routine kicked my a$$.  I couldn't finish everything.  I did make a classic mistake though, one I will pass on to all of you who start this for the first time.  There is a pace you have to maintain to survive.  On Day One, you have no idea, unless you watch the DVD's a couple of times, how many times you are going to repeat the exercise cycles in a given routine.  In P90X, I learned on the weights that you do not blow out your muscles on the first cycle because two, maybe three, are coming up behind it.  In Insanity, same rule applies.

In the circuits, they do four to five sets of various exercises.  They do the sets in about three minutes.  Then you get 30 seconds to catch your breath and take a mouthful of water.  That thirty seconds FLYS.  Then you do that set again.  In each circuit, you do each set of exercise four to five times!!

I started out thinking, "Oh, for crying out loud, I can go so much faster than these people."  Then, at about set three, I am wondering how many there are.  Then, as the fourth or fifth set is winding up, I am on my knees.  It is a crusher.  No kidding.  It is a total of 40 minutes...but you are drenched when you are done.

Do I like it.  Heck, yeah!  It's another mountain to climb, another program to master.  I know in sixty days I will be doing a lot better.

Right now?  Right now, I am wondering what little places will hurt tomorrow when I wake up.

I went out this afternoon and got a 3/4" mat for my basement floor.  I have carpet tiles but they are still pretty hard.  The mat will keep my sweat off the rug and keep my knees from the impact.  So...this is not easy.

For all of you thinking of doing this...they ALL are hard.  I don't care what routine or program you try.  If you haven't done one is hard, new and it is work. one is done.  Tomorrow, I am going to do AbRipper X from P90X in the morning before work.  That is going to be something I do three times a week.  Why?  Because it is working, it took me a while to master it (and I know some of these things fade quickly) and because it only takes 20 minutes.  And I can do that after breakfast and then hop in the shower.

Okay...have a great night!

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