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This blog is about my battle with weight and the journey that ensued.

Along the way are some not so subtle side tales but, for the most part, it is in chronological order. If you want the story from the beginning, start on March 24, 2009 at "The Tipping Point", and read your way to today. Thanks and best of luck on your journey.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

P90X3: Day 10 of 90. Yoga X. The Hop!!

Baggy Pants, exercise, losing weight
It's been ten days and I have already noticed that my pants have more room in them!  Okay, not as much as the picture to the left, but MORE.  Every time you notice progress, it's validation that you are doing the right things and that you need to keep going.

Yoga X last night and it was a material difference from last week.  Last week, I was still recovering from Agility X...and while it definitely felt great to stretch stuff out, much of the balance and pushup parts of the routine were really poor.  This week, I did every exercise completely with the exception of Crow (which I fear I will never be able to do!!).  On Crow, I literally get on the hands and tip to my forehead.

It felt great to be able to do everything.  Very satisfying.  Also, my flexibility was twice what it was last week.  Some of it was due to a week of muscle use but I'm sure hydration and stretching during the week was important too.

The best part of this is THE HOP.

Do you know what that is?  Let me explain.

When I did P90X the first time, after about 10-15 days, I found I had more bounce in my step.  At the time, in the mornings, I took a train into Boston and the platform from my home city is elevated and up a bunch of stairs.  I noticed, back then, that I started to leap up the stairs.  When I got to them in the A.M. I would take them two at a time.  I had a bunch of energy and it wasn't a chore anymore.  I also noticed I would trot through parking lots.  My body literally wanted to move quicker.  It wanted to accept every physical challenge.  And, every time my body wanted to move quicker, I just gave in to it.  After a while, moving quicker in all phases of my life became a habit.

I noticed some months back, that it was gone.  Well, it's back.

Have you noticed THE HOP?

Sunday, January 12, 2014

P90X3: Day 9 of 90. Agility X. Feeling Awesome.

awesome cute puppy
Yes!! You'll have that day after you start P90X.  It's usually in week two, right about now.  You do those routines, those damn killer routines, a second time.

"Wait.  What the...?"  My chart says I did 5 and now it's 8.  Really?"

Or, as you start an exercise...

"Crap.  I was awful at these last week.  This is going to be...what?  30 seconds to go?  That's when I stopped last week.  My legs hurt...and TIME!!!  What the...I finished?  Man!! I finished!!"

This is the week where you find out that you are going to do well.  This is where you get that first jolt of motivation to keep going.  As you look as those instructors, and you did the same (or almost the same) reps as they did, keep this one thought in mind.  They are never getting any better than they are, on that DVD, right now.  That's it.  They'll never improve.  But, you will.  There will come a time when you are doing those exercises and you realize that you have passed them.  It's coming.

For me, this week, it was those damn lunges.  For those of you reading this blog, as you will recall, last week at this time I was sitting with an icepack on my muscles.  Not this week.  This week, I crushed it without a twinge.  Not ONE twinge.  I felt great.  No, I felt awesome.  I bet you are all feeling a little awesome this week.  And, this little dog knows it too!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

P90X3: Day 8 of 90. Core Synergistics. Improvement.

Week Two.  For the first time, I have repeated a workout.  Major improvements for me on everything.  Feels great.  Couple observations on Week One and Day Eight.

I saw great improvements today.  I felt stronger on the exercises that I did completely, and there was a rep increase to the complete required number in every exercise.

My chest hurt this week.  Not a heart thing, a pushup thing.  I don't know why I was so strained and it wasn't the biceps and/or triceps, it was the chest muscles.  I took a lot of protein and creatine this week for the muscles and, as of today, it seems to be helping.

My diet.  I cut back significantly this week.  I don't usually discuss my diet.  I think people get very focused on food...almost obsessed.  I don't think about food as entertainment, just fuel.  I literally can eat the same thing every day.  Some folks need variety, and different tastes, and color, and a blend of sweetness.  Not me.  I try my best to take decisions about food right out of my life.

I am going to make an exception as an example today.

Breakfast.  One cup of oatmeal.  Handful of raisins.  Half cup of all natural applesauce.

Lunch.  One can of spinach.  One can of tuna (in water, not oil)

Snack.  One Nature Valley Granola Bar with water.

Dinner.  Shakeology and one Nature's Path Gluten Free Bar.

Exercise in evening.

One self made shake of seltzer water, vitamin C mix, Protein powder, Creatine Powder, Vitamins.

Two Apples.


If you add up these calories, and then you think about 30 minutes of walking and P90X....this is not enough to keep you rolling.  I felt exhausted and my muscles could not recover sufficiently.  Keep your calories in mind and make sure you are getting enough protein.  I know I am short because I felt like this the first time I did P90X.

Okay, time for some New England Patriots football.  Get your protein and sleep and have a great week!!